Changing the Union’s Memorandum and Articles of Association Referendum

This is notice from the Deputy Returning Officer, that City Students’ Union will hold a referendum vote on changing the Union’s Memorandum and Articles of Association online from Monday 25th – Thursday 28th March 2024.


In February 2024 the Union’s Board of Trustees called a referendum and circulated a proposal in accordance with Article 7.2 to all students. The proposal can be found here.

REFERENDUM QUESTION: Do you agree with the Proposal to amend the Articles of Association? Yes / No / Abstain

Voting will open on Monday 25th March, 9:00am and close on Thursday 28th March, 2:00pm.

The result will be announced online within one day of polls closing.

You can view further details, key dates, and follow future updates for the Referendum on our webpage including how to register as a campaigner.


If you have any questions about the vote, please contact us on




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