Sports Club Committee Member of the Month

Leena Aldukali has officially been named the Students' Union Club Captain of the year!


Leena is the captain of the Women’s Table Tennis Team, where she has been instrumental in the running of the club. She has been helping out with training, fixture selection & social media for the Women’s Team and also 2 of the Men’s Teams.


Leena always has a smile on her face no matter the situation is and has started life well as a captain at City SU. Not to forget that she was running trials for all teams and helping out at other Students' Union events (Sports Fair & Sports & Socs in the Square).

Leena wanted to add; “I would say that this term my teammates and I have learnt to learn from each other. This season we have unfortunately not had a coach which has caused difficulties during our trainings and matches. However, despite this I have been able to play various members of my team and learn skills and techniques from them that have allowed me to perform better in matches. I have also gained a lot of leadership skills from having to manage the men’s and women’s team for table tennis. Table tennis has been a way for me to make new friends this term and represent myself as a competitive amazing hijabi table tennis player which is unique.“



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