Your 2024 Election Candidates Revealed.

Notice of Poll

Notice is hereby given that City Students’ Union will hold an election from 9:00am on Monday 26th February until 4:00pm on Thursday 29th February 2024. All currently enrolled City, University of London students are eligible to vote.

The candidates standing in this election are:





Students’ Union Officer Positions

(4 places available)




Ashton Shepherd

Ayla Hamzayeva

Brayley Buckingham

Caren Rizk

Chaeeun Lee

Emine Kyosey

Eva O’Neill

Faisal Ali Rana

Hirusajini Jeyatharan

Jinghan Sa

Mohamed Ibrahim Khoualed

Mohammed Yahzin Hussein

Murad Noor

Nasir Mohammed

Oliver Agar

Pradeep Rathod


Assembly Members




Bayes Business School

(6 places available)

Bhavika Agarwal

Chirag Gupta

Shiraz Sidhu

William Tagg

Zeeshan Nauman Raees



City Law School

(5 places available)

Ammar Laghari

Asal Safari

Dylan J Moody

Gaurav Saini Saini (Students Union)

Hifsa Khan

Hywel Barrett (Active! S.U.)

Karlee Hutchins

Nur Korim

Olly Drye (Active! S.U.)

Shloka Reddy

Sudenaz Top




(5 places available)

Amandeep Chandan

Annavi Sachdev

Jack Croft

Uliana Gnipova



(6 places available)

Asma Akter

Franklin Oparaji

Hannah Curtis

Ifeyinwa Odukwe

Rajiv Dhanasar



(5 places available)

Leo Salem (Active! S.U.)

Liza Ahmed (Active! S.U.)

Safia Mohiuddin (Active! S.U.)

Yacine Sedour (Active! S.U.)



(6 places available)

Alan Clark Gutierrez (Active! S.U.)

Bansari Sanghvi (Active! S.U.)

Gabi Prefit

Junaid Katon (Active! S.U.)

Junaid Nasir

Pip Foster

Priyanka Shinde

Rayann El Kactoul (Active! S.U.)

Riley Rogers

Roinee Banerjee (Active! S.U.)



National Union Of Conference Delegate

(6 places available)*



* Gender balancing rules still apply to delegations to NUS Conferences – NUS Rules state that all delegations to Student Voice conferences must include at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down.

Alan Clark Gutierrez (Active! S.U.)

Emine Kyosey

Faisal Ali Rana

Fortune Sampson

Franklin Oparaji

Ifeyinwa Odukwe

Jackson He

Jinghan Sa

Kit Sinclair

Mbuotidem Ekpo

Omobolanle Adekanmbi

Rajiv Dhanasar

Rayann El Kachtoul (Active! S.U.)

Ruth Allison (NUS Delegate)

Samson Folarin

Sudenaz Top

Uliana Gnipova

Yacine Sedour (Active! S.U.)

Yavuz Kafadar (Withdrawn)

Zhala Alizada (Zhala Alizada)



Voting for elections opens online on 9:00am on Monday 26th February until 4:00pm on Thursday 29TH  February 2024. you can log onto our website at any time and vote at

Results of Election

The election shall be counted and announced online following the close of the elections and completion of any outstanding appeals and disciplinary actions. The results will be announced in City Bar, Tait Building, Northampton Square on Thursday 29th February 2024 from 5:30pm. 

Returning Officer

The National Union of Students return the elections of City University London Students’ Union. The NUS Returning Officer for this Election is Peter Robertson. The Deputy Returning Officers are Phil Gilks, Chief Executive Officer and Hannah Roberts, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at City Students’ Union.

To contact the Returning or Deputy Returning Officer, please email


Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate or their campaigner, full details of grounds for complaints can be found in Section 16 of the Elections Bye-Laws. To submit a complaint please email the Deputy Returning Officer on

For further details about these elections please review our Elections Regulations.



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