Access Union Advice

Access Union Advice

The Union Advice service is open all year round, including the summer break. If our reception desk is not open there are always staff working behind the scenes ready to help you.


If you need advice on submitting an Appeal please click here

If you need advice on submitting an Extenuating Circumstances claim please click here

If you need advice on submitting a Complaint please click here

If you need advice on responding to an Academic Misconduct allegation please click here

If you require further specialised Support please click here



If after reading the above pages you still need to get in touch with an Advisor or book an appointment please complete one of our case forms:

You must complete a case form in order to receive advice.

Please ensure that you answer all the questions in the case form and include as much information as possible, as that will help our advisors understand your situation.

We are able to provide advice via MS Teams, Telephone, In person or via Email. You will be able to specify which mode of advice you prefer on the Case Form. 

We aim to respond within 3 working days, which can sometimes be longer during busy periods. We will endeavour to let you know if we need more time to respond to you with advice. 


If you have any problems completing the form please contact