Calculators 4 Students

Calculators 4 Students

What is this campaign about?

Students have challenges with knowing the right calculators to use and this leads to being torn away from examinations centres or being delayed or refused to complete the examinations. The Union thought it would be a nice thing for the University to provide calculators to every student that needs them in the examination room. Conservations are on-going with University departments to find a solution for students.


What progress has been made so far?

  • Reached out to the university and asked for the provision of calculators, sequel to this, the university now has an IT equipment vouchers on the Cost of Living hub.
  • I have worked to expand the list of calculators that students are permitted to use for exams.
  • I have created a calculator’s pool for emergencies wherein a test run was done with 83 calculators during the last resit period.


Get in touch

If you would like to know more about this project, feel free to email Fortune Sampson, your SU Deputy President.