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Assembly Speaker

Assembly Speaker


The role of the Assembly Speaker is as follows:

  • To be the lead member of the Assembly and ensure that the body fulfils its responsibilities.
  • To manage the discussion at the meetings.
  • To lead on the monitoring of Sabbatical Officer performance

Key Highlights of the Assembly Speaker include:

  • Is the communication link between The Assembly and the Union’s Board of Trustees
  • Is responsible for preparing the agenda for Assembly meetings with the support of a staff member
  • Will be responsible for ensuring meetings are conducted in good nature and positively.
  • Will be supported in their duties by a Deputy Assembly Speaker elected at the second meeting from amongst Assembly members including those appointed at the beginning of Term One
  • Supports the recruitment of appointed Assembly members


Assembly Speaker 2023/24




      Richard Graham

 Assembly Member for the School of Policy and Global Affairs studying BSc Economics (Economics and Econometrics)