Society Elections

Society Elections

Elect your new committee now!

Welcome to Society Committee Elections 2023!

No elections are currently running

This year, we gave societies the option to either run elections online through the SU, or to run an Annual General Meeting to elect their committees.

Why run to be on committee?

Being on a society's committee is a fantastic opportunity. You will make friends and meet new people, as well as gaining a bunch of new skills that employers absolutely love! You will gain these skills, to name a few:

  • Events planning 
  • Team working 
  • Leadership
  • Budget managemet
  • Extra training opportunities
  • IT, website and administration 
  • Outreach and communication


As well as the number of skills you will gain from this, you will also have the opportunity to do so much more:

  • Plan and deliver events for your members
  • Attend SU training, teaching you how to be a successful society leader
  • Manage a budget
  • Participate in extra opportunities such as committee member socials and feedback sessions
  • Liaise with schools and departments across the University 
  • Collaborate with other societies
  • Network with each other, the SU and industry professionals 


So, does this sound like something you want to do? Great news! Nominations for society committee elections are open below!


You MUST be a member of the society you wish to stand to be a committee member of, and you must also be a member to vote - if you want to stand but do not have a membership yet, head over to the Societies page to get one.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the live election and stand for a role.



Nominations open: Monday 3rd April 8am - Friday 21st April 4pm

Voting: Monday 28th April 8am - Friday 28th April 4pm

Results: Results will be announced in the week beginning Monday 1st May!


Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to run for a society that is running their elections via an AGM, how do I do that?

The list of societies running their elections through an AGM is as follows:

  • AhlulBayt Society
  • Vegan Society
  • Computer Science Society
  • Economics Society
  • Hellenic-Cypriot Society
  • Indian Society
  • International Politics Society
  • Jewish Society
  • Punjabi Society
  • Saudi Society
  • Turkish Society
  • Venture Capital Society


More information on these AGMs will be announced shortly.


I don't see my society here, what should I do?

If you don't see your society on the list, please email 


I want to run but I'm not sure it entails, what should I do?

Don't worry, we will have a comprehensive training session for all new committee members over the summer, and one in October, where we will train to you run a society successfully. You will also be able to drop by the SU and chat with the Communities Team if you ever need advice!


I don't see any elections on this page, where can I stand?

If you don't see any elections below this message, chances are you're not a member of any societies! Head over to our society page to join some. If the problem persists, please email


I'm sold, where do I stand?

You can nominate yourself for a position via the election widget below.


I'm not happy with how an election has been run, who do I speak to?

There are several key rules that govern our elections. As all elections must be fair, you cannot coerce other students to vote for you. Examples of this may include:

  • Forcing people to vote for you
  • Paying for people's memberships
  • Offering bribes or financial incentives 


If you see any of this behaviour and would like to submit a complaint, please contact