Bike Scheme Project

Bike Scheme Project

The essence of the project is that we, as students, come together to collectively hire bikes at a discounted rate.

Through our combined purchasing power, I negotiate with bike companies. This week, we reached an agreement with BuzzBike, and we are excited to offer a substantial discount on their pedal bike 12-month subscription. The regular price is £215, but with the university subsidy, we have secured it for under £100, and students’ will also receive £10 cash back for helmets. We'll be launching the project in City during the Freshers' period, and once we're confident everything is running smoothly, we aim to extend this initiative to all London SU's as a collective project. Find out more here.

Transportation is a huge cost, with this project, we are offering you a budget and environment friendly way of transportation. It is fun and healthy. I have been cycling everywhere for one year I am very happy with my decision.

Start cycling!


Get in touch

If you would like to know more about this project, feel free to email Yavuz Kafadar, your SU Deputy President.