What are your SU doing?

City Students’ Union is here to support you through the strikes, here are some of the things we are working with City to ensure:

  • Effective arrangements to manage the impact of strikes on your teaching and learning are put in place.
  • That, where possible, you receive timely communication from your course / School about disruption.
  • That you understand what you can reasonably expect on those days vs. what your course promised.
  • That student services, like Student Health & Wellbeing, remain accessible on strike days.
  • That unpaid staff wages are put into student funding to support students who are struggling.
  • That you aren’t harassed or heckled for crossing picket lines.
  • That you know how to make a complaint for compensation if your teaching and learning is disrupted.

We're keen to hear from you on anything else you think we should be doing about the strikes. If you have ideas, email us on