Fitness to Practise

Fitness to practise applies to students studying on professional programmes regulated by professional statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs).

For such programmes the University is required to have a Fitness to Practise Policy and Procedure in place to manage students’ fitness to practise because the University is expected to confirm that students are ‘fit to practice’ at the end of their programmes.

The main purpose in doing this is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public and to adhere to the standards set out by PSRBs.

Fitness to practise means having the skills, knowledge, good health and good character to practice in the relevant professional role safely and effectively.

Fitness to practise is monitored and assessed throughout a student’s time on a professional programme to ensure they adhere to the standards set out by the PSRB’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Concerns can be raised for a number of reasons including lack of professionalism, lack of honesty/integrity, not disclosing cautions or convictions, allegations of misconduct including academic misconduct, lack of competence and poor health. This also covers your conduct outside your programme and placements.

Students can be temporarily suspended from part or all of their programme during an FTP investigation.


What happens if fitness to practice concerns or allegation are raised about my conduct?

  • You should be notified in writing of the allegation or concerns being investigating.
  • You would be invited to attend a meeting or hearing to discuss any allegations or concerns raised.
  • The purpose of the initial meeting will be to discuss the allegations and find out the facts. It is also to provide you with an opportunity for you to respond.
  • You can bring a friend or Adviser from our Union Advice Service for support but will need to inform the University who will accompany you to the meeting.
  • You may be temporarily suspended if your conduct is considered to represent a potential immediate, serious and significant threat to your own safety or that of others or the City premises. This decision would be taken by the President or their nominee.

We strongly advise you to take any concerns raised about your fitness to practise very seriously and contact our Union Advice service as soon as possible because the consequences can be serious. The earlier you contact us, the better position we will be in to provide the best advice.


City's Fitness to Practise Policy can be found here


How can we help with fitness to practise?

Our Union Advice service is confidential and independent from the University and we can:

  1. Explain the FTP regulations and process.
  2. Advise you on responding to any allegations.
  3. Advise on how to put together a statement.
  4. Accompany you to meetings with the University.
  5. Provide ongoing advice throughout the FTP process. 

To seek email advice or book an appointment with an Advisor, please complete our Case Form here.