Extend Fee Instalments

Extend Fee Instalments

What is this campaign about?

Students are required to pay their tuition fees twice in the academic year – 60% of their tuition to be paid within the first three months of their degree and 40% in their second term. Students struggle with the payment of their fees when something unexpected affects their primary source of funding, especially when they are required to pay only in two instalments.

Not being able to pay the fees in two instalments leads to the student being sanctioned which eventually could lead to poor mental health, poor grades, excessive workload and working multiple jobs and sometimes even outright withdrawals.

This campaign seeks to persuade City to allow this category of students to pay their fees in smaller instalments (for example, up to 10 instalments during the academic year).


What progress has been made so far?


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If you would like to know more about this project, feel free to email Fortune Sampson, your SU Deputy President.