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Programme Rep 23/24

Programme Reps are one of the ways that your Students' Union represents your academic interests. At the start of every academic year, City students on every programme, year and level can nominate themselves and get voted in as the next Programme Rep. That could be you!  

Programme Reps play a key role in ensuring that all students have a voice and an opportunity to share feedback about their learning experience. They help students make as many positive changes as possible and ultimately, help improve the quality of education at City.

They gather the views and opinions of students on their course and communicate that feedback to academic and professional services staff. Programme Reps are an important link between students and staff and are often the first point of contact.

With over 700 Programme Reps, they are an integral part of the Academic Representation Structure at City. Reps work in collaboration with both the Students' Union and the University. 

If you are interested in developing your personal skills and making a meaningful contribution to the University, then becoming a Programme Rep could be one of the best decisions you make during your time here.

You can find out more about becoming a Rep by reading more. There is also a Rep Resource Hub available for current Reps, as well as the opportunity to share your feedback with your Reps via the GetHeard@City platform.


Why should I be a Programme Rep?

Stand to be a Programme Rep this year to have a positive impact on the student experience for you and your peers!

1) You can help make change:

As a Programme Rep, you’ll play a valuable role in making the whole University experience better for City students. Some big wins from our Reps last year include:


I was able to agree with our school to have a generous marking on our Finance exam and Economics coursework as they were both far away from what we thought in lectures.

BSc Mathematics with Finance and Economics Year 2 


Timetable was not convenient, online and in-person sessions were too close for students to commute to uni. I contacted the course office, directors and relevant professors and rescheduled the timetables to try to fit in the lectures while giving students enough time to commute to uni for the in-person sessions.
BSc Actuarial Science Year 2 


I helped the international students all year with extensions. I also helped with course work for the international's by giving them a plan of action to stay on top of their deadlines.
MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice 


I established the class's official group chat, ensuring its success by achieving 100% membership among the course participants. Additionally, I created a Discord chat, a professional pathways group chat, a girls-only group chat, a program representatives group chat, and an announcement channel.
MSci Computer Science Year 1 


I organized the SST PG Christmas Party, got the teaching assistants to give additional mathematics and programming exercises, organized a Data Science Summer party after the exam period and got the teaching assistants to give more help in the labs.
MSc Data Science

2) You’ll become more employable:

Your Programme Rep experience will boost your CV and employability for after University. You’ll enhance skills like project management, interpersonal skills and campaigning skills to say the least, that will make you stand out. Consider yourself LinkedIn endorsed at the end of an impactful year!

3) You can access training to develop your skills:

You’ll receive training support and development opportunities throughout the year by the Students’ Union to make the most out of your elected role. We’ll always try to accommodate training in development areas where you think you need more support to succeed.

4) Meet new people and make friends:

You’ll get to network with other Reps, students and University staff. We’ll be holding termly Rep Socials in your Schools and departments so you can meet other Reps and get social!

5) Monthly prizes and recognition:

Get recognised for all your great wins with our Monthly Rep of the Month titles and win big prizes – all you have to do is keep doing the great work you do and keep us in the loop! And that’s not all. Every year we hold the prestigious SU Academic Impact Awards and recognise the Reps who go above and beyond with Rep of the Year Awards.


How do I become a Programme Rep?

Anyone can become a Programme Rep here at City. You will be able to nominate yourself in class elections during the first few weeks of Term 1.

Depending on your course, nominations can involve making a speech at the front of class (or on Zoom!) to your classmates or by submitting a nomination form to show your peers that you are the best person for the role. Once all nominations for your course are in, your classmates then vote for who they want as their Programme Reps. Each course should have a minimum of 2 Reps, and can have as many as 15 depending on the size of your cohort.

For more details on how the elections will be running for your programme, please contact your Course Leader.


Key Dates

Elections are being held in your classes in the first couple weeks of term. Your Programme will let you know of the deadlines to nominate yourself and to vote for who you want to represent your course this year.


Elections: Monday 3rd October - Wednesday 18th October.

Training: You’ll attend a Rep training session for your School so that you’re ready to carry out your role as a Rep this year. We will be holding 3 sessions per school during the weeks commencing 23rd and 30th October.


School Training Dates

Wednesday 25th October 2-4pm C320, Tait Building

Monday 30th October 3-5pm ELG12, Drysdale Building

Thursday 2nd November 11am-1pm AG07b, College Building


Tuesday 24th October 11am-1pm C320, Tait Building

Friday 27th October 3-5pm C316, Tait Building

Tuesday 31st October 2-4pm AG08, College Building


Thursday 26th October 10am-12pm ELG12, Drysdale Building

Tuesday 31st October 10am-12pm C316, Tait Building

Friday 3rd November 3-5pm AG08, College Building


Monday 23rd October 11am-1pm C314, Tait Building

Thursday 26th October 3-5pm Northampton Suite (B411), University Building

Friday 3rd November 10am-12pm AG08, College Building


Tuesday 24th October 3-5pm ELG11, Drysdale Building

Monday 30th October 11am-1pm ELG08, Drysdale Building

Thursday 2nd November 3-5pm AG07b, College Building


Monday 23rd October 2-4pm C309, Tait Building

Friday 27th October 10am-12pm AG07b, College Building

Wednesday 1st November 2-4pm C320, Tait Building

Once your programme has notified us that you have been elected as a Programme Rep, you'll hear from us about training.

Got questions? Drop Yasmeen an email on