Race Equality Resource Hub

City Students’ Union is committed to race equality and this resource hub is to support students and those working for and with the Union to learn more about the inequalities faced by People of Colour. Through developing a better understanding of the racial inequalities that exist within not just the world and the UK, but even here at City, University of London, we can then work towards justice for everyone. 

City Students’ Union is not immune to systemic racism and we are working every day to improve our Union so it is making positive steps to improve racial equality. In addition to this resource hub, the Union has also taken the following steps:

  • Created an SU Race Equality Working Group to examine and make improvements to our practices. This group has representation from elected officers and staff at every level of the Union to ensure issues at every level and in every area can be addressed.

  • Created a Race Equality Library in the Union, where staff and officers can borrow and read books about racism, white fragility and other key topics to improve their understanding.

  • Taken an active role in working with City, University of London to improve racial equality across the institution, including being active members of the Race Equality Self-Assessment Team, a number of relevant subgroups, the EDI Committee and pushing the agenda for decolonising and liberating the curriculum.

  • Actively promoted and campaigned to celebrate and champion our diverse student body, through Black History Month, Islamophobia Awareness Month, and released statements in support of Black Lives Matters.

We hope you take the time to read, watch and listen to the resources below. We know this is only the start of making a positive difference and we are just learning how to be the best ally we can be, so if you have ideas of what we can do please email the Union on