Adopt a Society


Do you want the opportunity to lead a society? Do you want to develop amazing skills for your CV, meet new people and organise events, campaigns and activites?


Well look no further, you have come to the right place!


What is 'Adopt a Society'?

The SU is thrilled to announce our Adopt a Society programme! This initiative gives students the opportunity to help revive our currently inactive societies. You will development great skills including:

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Team working
  • Budget management
  • And so many more!


As a society committee member, you will get access to exclusive committee training hosted by the SU to make sure you are fully prepared. You'll also get access to other skills and employability-based training sessions, as well as a host of EDI sessions that we put on.


What positions are available?

All societies need:

  • President
  • Communications Officer
  • Finance Officer


If you would like to take up any of the above positions and adopt a society, please choose from the list below and email telling us which society you would like to help revive and which position you are interested in!


Which societies need adopting?

City Space

Civil Engineering

Computer and games

East African

East Asian



Student Action for Refugees (STAR)

Try New Things Club

City Sociology Society


Societies you have successfully adopted!

Eastern European Society 

Food Lovers Society 

Criminal Justice

Russian Speakers Society 

Italian Society 

Creative Writing Society

Brazillian Society 

Asset Management Society 

Chess Society

German Society 

Carrot Magazine