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Assembly Priorities Archive

Assembly Priorities Archive

The assembly will meet at least four times and the first meeting, which takes place shortly after the election, will set the priorities of the Union ahead of the next academic year. During the first meeting, the elected Assembly will set the four Union priorities for the following academic year based on the overall manifesto pledges.

Assembly Priorities 2022/23


  • Assessment Guidance and Support

Policy Assistants at the Union have been consulting with students and Assembly members across the six schools as well as looking at the data already provided from NSS and Your Voice surveys. Through focus group discussions during the February Assembly meeting, it was found that majority of the students believe that mock exams for courses with exams and examples on coursework will help them perform better. Students stressed on having the tutorials recorded (currently only lectures are recorded) and to make it more interactive within the 1-hour duration. Read the Assessment Guidance and Support report here.


  • Student Fees and Cost of Living

The Union has been liaising with the University to push forward several support measures for students during this difficult period. Following the recommendations from the previous Assembly Meeting, the University have prioritised the additional support we provide and these mitigations have been shared with student representatives. Furthermore, the Union has collected student views on these support during the meeting, and incorporated students’ recommendations into the Cost of Living Report. A Cost of Living Hub is available here, so students can access to see all the support and progress on the priority or be signposted to the right support provide.


  • Personal Tutoring Support

The Union has been liaising with the multiple schools to understand the student engagement in the Personal Tutor support system. Furthermore, the Policy Assistants have collected student views from across the six schools including both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Feedback collected so far shows a lack of standardisation in student experience, where some say the level of support received was superb whilst others disengaged due to poor experiences. Read the Personal Tutoring Support here.


  • Academic and Career Development

The Union is working with the Careers department as well as each individual school to increase engagement in networking and career events. Through the work with the Careers department particularly, the Union was able to identify important aspects where students’ feedback is needed to further improve their services. This feedback was collected at the second Assembly meeting and will be incorporated in the final Review Paper. The Union will also launch a survey to further collect student views on what other support and events they would like to see in each school, looking at undergraduate and postgraduate as well as home, EU and international students. Read the Academic and Career Development Report here.