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EDI Reps

EDI Reps

Meet the new EDI Reps Ifrah Nunow, Raphael Airboine, Yixin Liu, Urika Rikhi, Kathleen Alarpon, Zainab Malik, Jaxson Mannes and Olubusola Olajide.

We’ve recruited 8 EDI Reps from across all schools at City to represent students on equality diversity and inclusion. The Reps will provide the student voice, research and then represent student concerns and propose student led initiatives on EDI.  The Reps will also review, comment on and contribute to the progression of key EDI projects impacting on City students

Last year was the pilot year of the EDI Reps with 10 EDI Reps recruited and trained. The EDI Reps researched the BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) students’ experience when accessing the Support Services at City, University of London. As a result of their research a report was produced which highlights some of the barriers faced by BAME students when accessing the Counselling and Mental Health services, as well as the importance of having staff representation from different ethnicities in different support services. You can find more information about the Accessible Mental Services Report here.

This year the reps will sit on the Student EDI steering group, chaired by the VP Community and Wellbeing. Reps will engage and consult with student, presenting this feedback to the Student EDI Steering Group meetings. The Reps will also:

  • Engage with the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team
  • Support and engage on consultation of students of colour experiences of induction and Welcome
  • Research and report on how Schools can decolonise the curriculum as part of the Union’s Decolonise City campaign.

You can get in contact with the EDI Reps by emailing them. Find out more about the EDI Reps below…

Ifrah Nunow (she/her)

The City Law School

"I wanted to be an EDI Rep as I wanted to reduce the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) and other underrepresented groups awarding gap at City. Alongside individuals' experiences within the university. This passion has stemmed from my own experiences, and I would like to aid others by making a change and aiding them in their problems/queries." 

Raphael Airboine (he/him)

School of Arts and Social Sciences

"My zeal to be involved in the advancement of race equality at City University is the biggest reason why I wanted to be an EDI Rep. Paired with my commitment to provide students at City University with open and non judgemental space for them to express any thoughts or discussions on equality and diversity."

Yixin Liu (he/him)

The Bayes Buisness School

"I wanted to be an EDI Rep to improve the City experience of Asian students. I want more make sure  International students understand the existence and role of various departments and support services available at our university."

Urika Rikhi (she/her)

The Bayes Buisness School

"I wanted to be an EDI Rep because rather than just passing feedback, I wanted to be involved in the policy and decision making process myself to be part of change making process. I want to help improve the student experience, make everyone feel listened to and feel a sense of belonging. City is home to 158 nationalities, I want to make sure that we are able to make the most of this diversity and find ground for all of us!"

Kathleen Alarpon (she/her)

School of Mathematics Computer Science and Engineering

"I wanted to become an EDI Rep because I want to make sure that everyone at City feels represented and have a safe space to express themselves or comfrotably have fun and make friends"

Zainab Malik (she/her)

School of Health Sciences

"I am currently in my first year studying the Introduction to Health Sciences foundation course. I chose to be an EDI rep to be a part of the journey of City becoming an inclusive place where everyone can openly be who they are and practice what they choose without facing any negativity whether it be from racism or discrimination. I look forward to getting to work on insightful and impactful projects this year."

Jaxson Mannes (he/him)

School of Arts and Social Sciences

"I’m a wannabe writer currently pursuing an MA in Creative Writing & Publishing. As a person of color the issues the Student Attainment Project is attempting to address and understand directly affect me and many of my friends & colleagues. Having studied in the UK through the various UCU strikes over the last half decade as well as the 2020 George Floyd inspired protests, I’ve been witness to plenty of universities getting things right but also very wrong when it comes to championing diversity. I’ve loved my time at City, and think it’s important to help in any way I can to continue to make the University better for those that will study here in the future."

Olubusola Olajide (she/her)

The City Law School

"I wanted to become an EDI Rep because I believe so strongly in ensuring that Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Policies are constantly enforced in all environments, to maintain a high level of unity between all individuals. The driving force behind many barriers derives from a characteristic trait or social status in which individuals may possess, because of their identity, that is of no fault of their own. This is why the motion of the EDI strategy is important to ensure that we break these barriers down and promote the provision of equal access to opportunities for all. Having acquired this role, it has placed me in a position where I can use my voice as a tool to push further this narrative so we can continuously build a strong sense of a unity at City University and within the local community."

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