Terminology Bank





A strike is a refusal to work organised by a body of employees as a form of protest. In this case the body of employees are our academic and professional staff who are members of UCU.  

Action short of a strike 

Action short of a strike is an organised action by a body of employees as a form of a protest through actions that, as the name suggests, are just short of a strike. 


UCU has announced that in this dispute action short of a strike means that their members will only work to contract; not cover for absent colleagues; not reschedule lectures or classes cancelled due to strike action; and not undertake any voluntary activities over the course of the announced strike dates. 

Picket line 

A picket line is where staff who have made the decision to strike stand outside their workplace to tell other people why they are striking. This is usually very informative and gives students and other staff the chance to hear about the strike dispute.  


There may be a picket line at each entrance to City. Staff who are on a picket line must not prevent students and other staff from entering City. 


University and College Union, UCU, is a trade union that represents a large number of University staff in the UK, such as lecturers, professional service staff and postgraduate students. 


Universities Superannuation Scheme, USS, is one of the largest principal private pension schemes for universities and other higher education institutions in the UK. 


Joint Negotiating Committee, JNC, of the USS is a committee consisting of representatives from both UCU and UUK.