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Your Students’ Union supports you to campaign for positive change, whether you are an individual or group of students or a society which wants to run a campaign on a specific issue.

Campaigns can take many forms, and depending on what you want to achieve, each campaign may require different types of campaigning.

Whether you have an idea for an original campaign or would like to support an existing campaign, we can help you find other students who might be interested in helping out, and provide practical support:

  • Your elected student officers are trained to lead, run and support campaigns. For example, the Students’ Unions’ support for the NO TO PAGE 3 Campaign was led by the CULSU Womens’ Officer.
  • Many of our Societies run campaigns each year – from the Politics Society, the Feminist Society, the Amnesty International Society or the Islamic Society, depending on your campaign there may be a society that would be interested in supporting your campaign. If there isn’t and you would like to set up a society to support your campaign, we can also help you set up a new society!

Your student officers and Student Union staff can provide you with practical help and support, advise you on campaigning and how best to achieve your aims.

If you have an idea for change and would like some help then let us know by emailing