People who join our society are excited to socialise, meet new people, eager to attend informative events to help further their careers and support their communities!

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Deriving from the Latin phrase 'for the public good', the Oxford English Dictionary definition of ‘Pro Bono’ is 'denoting work undertaken without charge, especially legal work for a client with a low income'. However, since 2016, here at City Pro Bono Society it means so much more than that. It’s not only the chance for one community to help another but also for us to empower, support, and inspire the growth of our members whilst they increase their skillset in serving the community.

We strive to enrich the learning experience of all our members by providing the opportunity to supplement their work at the City Community Legal Advice Centre with a range of panels, workshops, and fairs. Aside from our dedication to providing networking opportunities, we also strive to create a friendly social environment where members can connect with one another and make impactful relationships, upholding the core values of our society and the meaning of ‘Pro Bono’.

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As well as leading the way socially, we provide you with a host of professional opportunities, from connecting you to pro bono work at CLAC to networking opportunities. We host workshops, seminars, and conferences and keep you up to date with our Instagram page which provides a wide range of ways to help you get involved, get experience, and get employed.



We're all about giving back. That includes to the community, to individuals, and to you as members. We team up with big organisations and use our resources on our social and professional events. We are working hard to plan exciting social fundraising events for our members and preparing professional workshops to develop your skills. Our aim is to host exciting social events and the best professional events to help you become more employable and make your legal-career that much more attainable.

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City Pro Bono Gazette!

Issue 4 - February 2023 - CLICK HERE

Issue 3 - April 2022 - CLICK HERE

Issue 2 - December 2021 - CLICK HERE

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LawIRL and CityCLAC


Students at City Law School can apply for a wide range of opportunities to experience the law beyond the classroom and ‘In Real Life’. The flagship opportunity under the LawIRL banner is the award-winning City Community Legal Advice Centre (CityCLAC), which allows students the opportunity to work with prestigious lawyers on client cases under supervision. 


To hear previous CityCLAC volunteers talk about their experiences, CLICK HERE.


For more information about CityCLAC and many other pro bono opportunities, CLICK HERE to visit the Moodle page.


The 2023/2024 Committee

Nouh El-Ouaz - President (3rd Year, LLB Law)

Lorisa Ibrahimi - Vice President & Communications Officer (3rd Year, LLB Law)

Andrei Dohotaru - Finance Officer (3rd Year, LLB Law)

Abdifatah Mahamed - Relations Director (3rd Year, LLB Law)

Rochelle Inbakumar - Editor-in-Chief of the Pro Bono Gazette (3rd Year, LLB Law)


The Pro Bono Society,
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**Current City, University of London students please buy STANDARD membership. Associate membership is for other university students and alumni. Thank you**




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