Welcome to the Fashion Flare Society. We have established the long-awaited fashion society to join the rest of London's Universities to show everyone what eye-catching potential City has to offer. Our aim as a community is to create an environment that allows: confidence, individuality and fresh ideas to be expressed and accepted. We hope to help students that are interested in fashion find ways to style, create and wear the clothes they want whilst staying within their budget. By joining our society you will have the opportunity to be involved in walking and organising fashion shows, designing and up-cycling loads of clothing, participate in photoshoots and get featured in the society's magazine or be involved behind the scenes of it all! This is just a fraction of the activties and events we will have to offer to you. So all in all, we would just like to say whether you are a beginner in creating clothing or styling your outfits, or a professional, the society welcomes you with open arms to explore your creativity and meet loads of new people to learn, create and have fun with along the way! Here is to an amazing year, a big comeback, and we hope to enjoy it all with you and create some great memories!



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