The First and only Habesha Society in the UK!

City Habesha Society aims to connect people from all backgrounds who are interested in Ethiopian and Eritrean culture.

We seek to help members explore Habesha's culturally and linguistically diverse heritage and promote awareness of issues relating to the countries.


Listed Below are our 5 Goals for the year:

1. PROMOTE Habesha Society and Culture whilst upholding our values and morals

2. EXPAND the Community of Habesha Students starting around this shared cultural heritage but expanding into so much more

3. PROVIDE Networking Experiences for the Habesha Community as well as the general society so that we can understand all the opportunities available to us as students and individuals in and outside of the UK

4. LEAD by example, modelling ourselves into Great People; helping the community whether young or old, bettering ourselves in our Faith and Studies, progressing our careers, businesses and projects, loving our families and extending this love to the wider community

5. HOST incredibly memorable events for the community to enjoy themselves!


Membership Benefits:

  • Early/Exclusive Access of Upcoming Events
  • Discounts of up to 50% on some events throughout the year (including a free First Event!)
  • Exclusive Acces To Limited Merch Items (Varsity Jackets?)

Memberships Prices Can be viewed in the Top Right Corner of the Page; Standard is for Students of City whilst Associate is for Students Elsewhere.


Next Event:

Achieving Excellence in your Field: Panel Talk and Professional Networking Event (April 10th)

Upcoming Events:

  • Achieving Excellence in your Field: Panel Talk and Professional Networking Event (April 10th)

  • Paintball

  • Basketball Competition (May)

  • Volunteering Event/Charity Event

  • Cook Off

  • Formal Dinner (Summer Term)

  • Habesha Society Sports Day (After Exams)

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • Fashion Show (October)

This Year's Events So Far:

  • Freshers Fair Stall
  • Welcome Event
  • Members Restaurant Outing
  • Ice Skating
  • Girls Night (Girls Only)


Meet The Commitee:

President: Samuel Vasilis

Communications Team: Million Okbay, Yohannes Bedilu. Abigail Messele

Finance Team: Soleyana Amanuel, Ariyam Berhe


Instagram: @cityhabeshasoc

TikTok: @cityhabeshasoc

For General Inquiries including collaboration requests send us a DM or official email.



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