Namaste, we are the City, University of London’s Nepalese Society!!!

One of the many aims of our society is to provide a platform for Nepali students (or students of any other backgrounds!) to integrate and support each other, socially or academically.

We hope to host regular meetings with game nights and momo parties!! If we're not able to do face to face meetings due to COVID restrictions, then we'll still host Zoom meetings to support eachother and create a memmorable atmosphere :)

Various exciting events will be held throughout the academic year, these include:
- movie/game nights,
- pop quizzes,
- momo parties, and
- (potential) tiihar parties!!

 As Nepal is still a developing country with poverty, gender discimination, a caste system, etc. We aspire to promote awareness of ongoing political/economic issues in Nepal. We would also like to host charitable work to raise funds for the less fortunate. Through these frequent get-togethers, and through our instagram page, our society aims to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Nepali heritage and celebrate cultural traditions together, such as Dashain or Tihar.

We sincerely encourage everyone to join and form a tight-knit community! We're looking forward to meeting you!

Follow our instagram page for updates and also join our whatsapp group through the link down below to (un)officially join the society (make sure to introduce yourself aswell) ;)

We also encourage you to buy our membership as it gives us the opportunity to provide exciting and fun events!!! 

Thank you and See you soon!!!



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