Nepalese Society

Namaskar, we are the City, University of London’s Nepalese Society!

One of the many aims of our society is to provide a platform for Nepali students (or students of any other backgrounds!) to integrate and support each other, socially or academically.

By regularly hosting relaxed meet ups, such as ‘Chill with Chya’ complemented with tea and classic Nepali snacks (e.g. Wai Wai, Kurkure, cheese puffs), we hope to create a warm, friendly environment to give a chance for students to share their experiences of studying at City.

Various exciting events will be held throughout the academic year, such as movie/game nights, pop quizzes, and even momo parties! We also aspire to promote awareness of ongoing political/economic issues in Nepal, and potentially host charitable work to raise funds for the less fortunate. Through these frequent get-togethers, our society aims to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Nepali heritage and celebrate cultural traditions together, such as Dashain or Tihar.

Due to the few Nepali students currently attending our university, we sincerely encourage everyone to join and form a tightknit community, along with a comfortable place to keep each other company in the bustling City of London.

See you there!

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