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Optometry Society

Welcome to City University of London's Optometry Society! (OPSOC). We are a society open to all Optometry, Ophthalmic Dispensing students and even non-optometry students! 

Our aim is to promote Optometry and the importance of ocular care by providing health care services to the community through our City Sight Clinics, which provide FREE SIGHT AND CONTACT LENSES TESTS available to anyone! 

We will also provide Optometry students with academic support as well as a chance to get involved in a range of fun events and activities organised throughout the year. Networking is a key part of the optometry society and throughout the year we provide opportunities for students to socialize not only with those involved in optometry but also those of other academic backgrounds. Events we have planned for 2017/2018 are:

  • Welcome Event: Eyes Breaker
  • World Sight Day (12th October)- in OUR CLINICSSSS: cake bake
  • Halloween Event
  • AOP Student Conference
  • Christmas Party with secret Santa
  • Football event against the City Sight Supervisors (which we will obviously WIN!)
  • Revision Talks and Seminars
  • Various Fundraisers
  • Potential Collaboration events with other Societies and OTHER UNIVERSITIES TOOOO
  • A potential de-stresser
  • EYE LOVE YOU (valentine's day event)
  • EYEBALL 2018

So join us and help us become a bigger and a better society :D


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