Abhimanyu Kapoor Saraya

My Story

One of the happiest moments of my life was the day I got my first temporary student job at City, University of London as a student model. Being an international student from India and a person who loves to take up leadership roles, I always enjoyed representing myself and my institutions.

The role of student model gave me this opportunity and I was able to represent myself, my country and my university not at a national level but at an international level through the city website, university prospectus and social media ads. This proved to me that City values diversity, culture and respects its students no matter where they come from. I realised that City always gives you an opportunity to represent yourself, you just need to keep an eye out and grab it on time.

I have been a very genuine student and participated sportingly in all the opportunities thrown my way, from helping out the Students' Union to working as a student project ambassador to discuss strategies for this new academic term and create welcome content for international students and now I am the President for the Indian Society and also the Enactus society. City has given me a lot more than I expected. I am very humbled on being featured in the Human of City campaign and look forward to doing much more with City.

Abhimanyu Kapoor Saraya
President Indian Society, President Enactus Society, 2nd year undergrad international student pursuing BSc. Hons. Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship