My Story


Life experiences shape us into the people we are. We fall…Then we rise. It's the circle of life. How we decide to use our life experiences is up to us. We can allow it to consume us and bring the worst out of us, or it can motivate us to create positive change in the world... and that’s the path I decided to take.

University is a place of change, for development, and for growth. However, coming from an activist background, I found it difficult to fit in. I craved more than a degree. I searched. But nothing really “hit the spot”.

I knew something needed to change. A group of friends and I started a new society on campus that went on to become a space for us to be politically active.. To speak our mind and campaign for issues and causes we’re passionate about. A space where I finally felt at home.

All of the above wasn’t easy. We faced challenges along the way. There were times where I felt like giving up. Times where I would say to myself, “is this all worth it”. The drain on me both mentally and physically was taking its toll. But we kept going. I had a group of dedicated friends around me who pushed me forward, who were the support I needed. I’ve learnt so much along the way about myself, and the world. I learnt that if I don’t like something, I CAN change it. I learnt how to stand firm on my values. I learnt how to say no and ‘enough is enough’. I learnt about the power I possess as a student, and how much we can achieve when we come together. I also learnt how to be more empathetic towards people. To understand that we all have different stories and struggles. I grew as a person in a way that I wouldn’t have had I not taken the step to get involved in a society. And it made me who I am today.

This is my story. From struggling to fit in, to representing over 18,000 students.

And this is my advice: Never feel powerless.