Student Council - Meeting 3

Student Council - Meeting 3

When Where
Friday 01 May 2020, 2pm - 4pm Online

Virtual Student Council

If you look back and evaluating your student experience so far, do you think the University has been up to your standards?

Think about the price of food on campus, think about the multiple deadlines you have on the same week one day after another, think about evening exams.

Thank you to all students who have submitted motions, you can see all the motions submitted for discussion and the agenda for the meeting on your Student Council website page.

Do you want to know how motions are discussed? Check here.

Do you want to observe Student Council?

As the meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams – the only thing you need to do, on Friday 1st May at 2pm, is to click here Join Microsoft Teams Meeting to access the meeting. If you have never used Microsoft Teams, do not worry, all information on how to join can be found here:

How to access the Microsoft Teams Call:

Before the meeting -

  1. Ensure you have Microsoft Teams App downloaded for Windows or IOS. Go to:
  2. If you are unable to download the application you can access the call online. Go to:
  3. Log in using your university email address (or the email that the calendar invite was sent to if these are not the same). If you have any issues logging in with your account please let us know.

For the start of the meeting –

  1.  Click where it says “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”. This should take you to a waiting area.
  2. Make sure that your microphone and camera are ‘muted’ and click “join now”.
  3. You can ask any questions by using the conversation tool.