Understanding Self-Motivation

Understanding Self-Motivation

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Thursday 28 May 2020, 2pm - 3pm Microsoft Teams

Speak the language of the mind.

The way we speak to ourselves has a massive impact on how we feel and engage with tasks. This workshop will introduce you to some basic Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to help you understand your motivational style and how your self-talk patterns influence your progress on goals.

Once we have raised this awareness, we will address ways of changing our language patterns in order to have a more positive motivational style and how to use meditative practices to control our mood – ready to take on big tasks or get motivated.

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Objectives / outcomes



  • Arrival, aims, expectations, concerns


Language Patterns

  • To know that all behaviours are motivated by two drivers; towards pleasure and away from pain
  • To identify the language of towards and away
  • To understand the impact of self-talk on motivational drive


Motivational Style

  • To work through an example to identify your own motivational style
  • To reflect on when that style is an advantage or disadvantage
  • To begin exploring how to shift motivational style



  • To learn a meditative tool for getting into a motivated state
  • To understand how breathing, language and self-talk affect mood



  • To set personal targets / next steps for applying the models shown



  • Summarise learning, generate action points, feedback on trainer / session