The RAG Board

The RAG Board


The RAG Board is involved in organising official RAG activities including some of the bigger, better fundraising initiatives which the Students’ Union runs, especially during RAG Week, a week of dedicated student-led charity fundraising initiatives. In addition to the RAG Officer and the Vice President Activities & Development, it also includes 6 RAG Reps.

Amongst other things, the RAG Board are responsible for helping the Students' Union to develop support for RAG Projects, and choosing the official RAG charities to be supported for RAG Weeks.

The RAG Board normally meets once per month during term time. Occasionally the board will host an open meeting which is open to all RAG Team members.

RAG board 2018-19

The RAG Board is made up of students at City, University of London. Any student may apply for RAG Rep positions and no prior experience is necessary.

Board members:

  • RAG Officer [Chair of the Board] - Fatema Dhanani
  • Vice President Activities & Development - Nazia Bharde
  • RAG Events Rep - Khwaish Jain
  • RAG Fundraising Rep - Tsz Ho
  • RAG Charities Rep - Amanda Banziger
  • RAG Volunteers Rep - Anu Pothakamuri
  • RAG Communications Rep - Fatdiah Binti
  • RAG Giving Rep - Natalia Bukalsariya

Membership of the RAG Board

The RAG Board is led by student volunteers, and their term of office will run this year from 22nd October until 30th June. The RAG Rep Positions are as follows

RAG Events Rep – Leads on the planning of RAG Week events, with a focus on making them creative, fun, and social, whilst still raising significant totals for supported charities.

RAG Charities Rep – Liaises with charities and other organisations in order to secure partnerships, sponsorship, or resources which will help RAG to run its activities. Investigates charities that RAG may be interested to support.

RAG Communications Rep – Uses digital and on-site communication methods to ensure that RAG has a strong brand and presence on campus, and to ensure that the RAG Board communicates well with students, volunteers, and with RAG Societies and Projects

RAG Volunteers Rep – Leads recruitment of new volunteers to RAG along with their personal development and the development of the community

RAG Fundraising Rep – Organises fundraising activity, and keeps track of all funds raised, with a focus on maximising financial efficiency of activities and total charitable funds raise.

RAG Giving Rep - Organises activitiy to help support charities in different ways other than just donating money. 

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