Trading and Investment Society

City University’s Trading and Investment society is a group of students eager to learn more about and participate in the financial markets. Our main involvement is to educate students, and even ourselves, about the world of finance.

We are currently one of the largest society in the University that is fast growing and very active; our members share an interest in finance, economics and investing, with an aim to utilise our education and experience to teach others. We are looking for ambitious students willing to make the difference.

We welcome all students from all academic backgrounds that are interested in either trading, investing or a career in finance.


Over the academic year we will also host a number of fascinating and inspirational guest speakers, including traders and bankers from some of the biggest names in  finance, organise industry led careers/soft skills workshops to help prepare you for a career in the city.

Research Reports:

TAIS will be creating its own virtual fund this year, where analysts can look over a company's financial reports, strengths and weaknesses before making the decision to buy or sell a stock in a virtual fund. This is an excellent way to gain experience in writing research reports and understanding what makes a good company and can be a talking point in an interview or cover letter!


Trading Glossary:


TAIS will be hosting many socials with other like minded societies, such as the Economics society and the Consulting society.

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