Set up a RAG Group

Set up a new RAG Group

A RAG Group is a Student Group

You need at least 3 registered City, University of London students to start a Student Group. In this page you can find an application form to complete, you need to give as much detail as possible about your society aims and proposed activities. 

Before completing an application it is good to read the Students’ Unions Student Groups Regulations and the Template Student Group Constitution that you will need to compete for your group upon becoming affiliated so you know what will be expected of you as a Union-affiliated Student Group. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

The New Student Group Application Process…


Submit your application to the Students' Union Advice can be sought from the Senior Student Activities Coordinator before submitting your application.

Stage 2

After the period closes all new Student Group applications will be considered and approved/rejected by the Students' Union.

Our criteria for approval are:
  1. The application must be made by a current City, University of London student.
  2. The external charity must be on the UK Charities Register (and will have a UK-registered charity number)
  3. There are 3 individual current students of City, University of London to take the 3 committee positions of President (or 'Editor' or 'Station Manager'), Finance Officer and Communications Officer (shared positions are not allowed)
  4. A new RAG Group’s core activities do not overlap with an existing Student Group and not conflict with The Union’s aims
  5. The group must be open to all City, University of London students
  6. The group must be sustainable for future years
  7. The group is not constituted or governed by an external body
  8. The activity is covered under the Students’ Union’s public liability insurance. Enquiries can be made to the Senior Student Activities Coordinator if the student group is unsure.
  9. The nature of the activity is not deemed to be of such a high risk that it would require a disproportionate amount of funding or staff time to monitor to ensure compliance with minimum safety standards or legal responsibilities

Stage 3

If it is approved then you will receive an email to let you know the next steps in making your society active. This will involve:

  • Completing your Student Group Constitution
  • Submitting committee details and social media platforms for the society so these can be added to the Students’ Union website under your society page.
  • Training of your committee members. 

For enquiries, please contact:


Click the links below to download the application form, template Constitution and Student Group Regulations.  

Download New RAG Group application form

Download Template Student Group constitution

Download Student Groups regulations