Recent RAG Projects

Recent RAG Projects

Below are details of some charity fundraising projects that City students have organised through City Students' Union RAG during 2017-18.

RAG Weeks

RAG Project Leader: Fatema Dhanani (RAG Officer)

Team: The RAG Board

Charities: The Penny Appeal & United Through Sport

Web: RAG Week

Pro Bono Unit & Law Works

RAG Project Leader: Ricky Emery

Team: Pro Bono Society

Charity: Bar Pro Bono Unit & LawWorks

African Relief Fund

RAG Project Leader: Abdiaziz Hussein

Team: Somali Society

Charity: African Relief Fund

Future Frontiers

RAG Project Leader: Simon Herland-Figenschau

Team: Check Mate Society & Future Frontiers Society

Charity: Future Frontiers

Ladies Night

RAG Project Leader: Milly Vincent

Team: Girl Up Society

Charity: Womankind Worldwide

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Day

RAG Project Leader: Madeline Smith

Team: Speech & Language Therapy Society

Charity: I CAN

Girl Up Fundraising

RAG Project Leader: Shrutika Gandhi

Team: Girl Up Society

Charity: UNHCR

Sports Night Fundraising

RAG Project Leader: Ed Armitage

Teams: City Rugby & Drama Society

Charity: Wamba Community Trust

Myanmar Emergency Appeal

RAG Project Leader: Sharmin Chawdhury

Charity: Islamic Relief


RAG Project Leader: Manan Mohamed

Team: Palestinian Society

Charity: Interpal


RAG Project Leader: Phoebe Stannard

Team: Midwifery Society

Charity: 4Louis

City Kilimanjaro Challenge

RAG Project Leader: Olessea Matcovschi

Team: Shoringi Kempo Society

Facebook Page: City Kilimanjaro Challenge

Charity: Dig Deep

Little Hearts

RAG Project Leader: Muno Abdirizak-Salad & Aisha Iqbal

Charity: Muntada Aid

Clothes SWAP

RAG Project Leader: Elena Uderzo

Charity: ACE Africa

Islamic Society Charity Week

RAG Project Leader: Bashir Mohammed

Team: Islamic Society

Charity: Islamic Relief

Somalia Drought Relief

RAG Project Leader: Samiya Daud

Charity: Human Appeal

Shelter From The Storm

RAG Project Leader: Justine Lecoq

Team: Amnesty Society

Charity: Shelter From the Storm

Restless Development

RAG Project Leader: Faisa Jama Abdi

Charity: Restless Development



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