Past Executive Minutes

Minutes from Past Executive Committee meetings

Date of Meeting Link to Minutes
29th September 2015 Download (.docx)
3rd November 2015 Download (.docx)
24th November 2015 Download (.docx)
8th December 2015 Download (.docx)
26th January 2016 Download (.docx)
29th February 2016 Download (.docx)
24th March 2016 Download (.docx)
8th October 2018 Download (.docx)
30th October 2018 Download (.docx)
19th November 2018 Download (.docx)
6th December 2018 Download (.docx)
23rd January 2019 Download (.docx)
21st February 2019 Download (.docx)
18th March 2019 Download (.docx)
3rd April 2019 Download (.docx)